This is the luxury treatment that your pet needs!  A deluxe groom consists of:

  • Paw pads and sanitary trim

  • Nail dremmeling

  • Ear and eye cleaning

  • Ear plucking (upon request)

  • Brushing and combing

  • Hydro-massage bath and conditioning with appropriate product for your pet

  • Blow dry and fluff

  • Haircut of your choice




Nail Trim Only                                                                      $23.00

Just looking to get your pets nails trimmed?  No problem. Dremmeling takes the nails back as far as possible and leaves them with a smooth round finish.  This is the best way to protect yourself and your home from scratches.


Embellishments                                                                    $7.00 +

We can add a splash of color to your pet with feather extensions, pet safe hair chalk and/or airbrushing.


Paw-dicure                                                                          $15.00

Your pet’s already going to be feeling great after their deluxe groom but adding some colorful nail wraps or paint is an attractive and unique finishing touch!


10-Minute walk and bathroom break                                         $15.00

Want your pet to get a little exercise while you are away?  We are happy to take your dogs for a short walk and potty break during our visit. 



"dropping its coat" and hair is everywhere you may want to consider this treatment.  We use a special deshedding shampoo and conditioner to help loosen the dead undercoat.  We also spend additional time brushing out the coat.  This can be added to to your deluxe groom for an additional $15.00-$25.00 depending on the size of your dog


Excessive matting results in increased groom time and may result in additional charges.  If matting is too severe, it is often in the best interest of your furry friend to shave beneath the matts and start fresh.  During your appointment, we can discuss techniques to keep your pet mat free.  It may be necessary to brush and comb between grooms and/or increase the frequency of grooming services.

Anal Gland Expression                                                                $10.00

This is not necessary for all dogs.  For the dogs that need it we can provide this service so you don't have the smelly stuff getting expressin in your home.

Agressive/Difficult Behavior           

Unfortunately, some pets find parts of the grooming process to be stressful or unpleasant. They may bite, defecate, urinate, and do the "alligator" roll to avoid being groomed.  Pets that act this way generally get used to the grooming experience over time.  As they become familiar with the process, they realize it is nothing to fear.  It is important for health and cleanliness that all pets are groomed, but there may be an additional fee due to the increase in groom time for such pets.  We reserve the right to refuse service for pets whose behavior puts himself or herself or the groomer at risk of injury.


Health Issues

Pets who suffer from old age, anxiety and various physical limitations can really benefit from the mobile grooming experience.  It is important that you make your groomer aware of any such special needs so that we can provide the best care possible for your pet.  We reserve the right to refuse service if we feel your pets safety would be in danger during a groom.

Just 4 Petz Mobile Grooming Lancaster Pa

All of our services are taxable. A PA Sales Tax of 6% will be added to the invoice total at the end of the grooming service.